Vanity Not Search Sanity

You’re brilliant, your audience love you and you’ve got great stories to tell, however how do you make that content relevant and visible to the right people. Over time your website content will of developed and become a monster, Pedro is on-hand to decipher the good from the bad, what’s needed and what can be binned.

Static Or Dynamic?

Your content needs to be a mix of static (who we are, what we do, why we’re brilliant) and dynamic (we’re an authority in this area and know lots about it). On and off site these different types of content need to be played out in the context that can be found and consumed by your audience. Pedro will help you understand what’s needed.

Today, Tomorrow And Beyond

There’s no hiding when you search for a local service, product or anything else you’re shown a set of results which give preference to businesses and organisation within your vicinity. This is called ‘Local Search’ and search engines continue to develop how they can serve results which are relevant to you and your location.