It Looks Great!

You’ve spent all the budget on creating a beautiful, engaging user experience but does it give a search engine what it needs from a technical point of view. Based on our experience 9 out of 10 websites have technical issues, whether it’s speed (render blocking javascript!) or code bloat pretty much all websites need to be ‘enhanced’ by Pedro.

Technically Excellent

Pedro has developed a check-list based on over 12 years of working on websites. This list covers all aspect of the site from the hosting infrastructure to content and context. Your website is the element you ultimately control, if it’s not delivering the best representation of yourself then your letting yourself down. Pedro loves to get under the hood and enhance websites to be ‘technically excellent’.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today your search engine thinks you site should deliver pages in under 5 seconds, tomorrow 3 seconds. Technically SEO is not a one-off piece of work, it’s an on-going process and needs visiting often. Pedro loves reading and keeps up to date with the latest requirements for technical SEO, updating our clients website as and when needed. With in-house developers we can act fast and deliver.