Reach More Local Customers

If your a local business looking to improve your presence with in the search results, we can help with you with our local SEO services. Firstly, what is local SEO? Local SEO is helping a business to rank for keyword terms which incorporate a location. For example if you were looking for a plumber in Leeds, you may search ‘plumber Leeds’. Local could be your town, suburb or region depending on the type of search. For your business, it’s about making your local customers can find you quickly and drive footfall. If your a local business struggling with your presence in the search results, give Pedro a call on 0113 4510237 or email

Our Local SEO Services

Local SEO is about showing to Google and Bing how relevant your business is to the location or locations you want customers to find you. This means communicating the local relevance of your website in the right way which are supported by various other signals that influence how Google or Bing will rank your business locally. Our local SEO services include:

Local Web Page Optimisation

Making sure your website is optimised correctly for the location or locations you want to target. Your website should include your contact details and the areas you want to cover

Google My Business Listing Help

Creating a Google My Business listing and making sure this aligns with your website. This is an essential to be created and will help your business start to be listed in Google Maps.

Bing Places Listing Help

Along with Google My Business, we will set-up a profile Bing Places so your business can start to be seen in Bing maps listings

Local Citations

The more times your business is mentioned across the web, the more trustworthy and reputable it is. Citations are essentially mentions of your name, address and phone number. As part of a building a local presence, it’s important to get your business listed on trusted directories. We will help you with getting listed across national and local directories.

NAP Alignment

NAP or name, address, phone number alignment is making sure these three things are consistent across your website, Google My Business Listing and citations across the web. We use crawl software which helps us quickly determine any issues your business has with NAP so they can be resolved.

Local Backlinks

Gaining local backlinks to your website shows your business is being talked about online and helps you get votes of confidence which is another signal search engines use when determining local search results. We will help you find opportunities to grow the amount of local backlinks you have and get your local online community talking about your business.

Local SEO For Multiple Locations

If your a business which has multiple locations or a franchise targeting different local areas, we can help improve your visibility in the search results. This means providing you with a tailored strategy for each of your businesses locations to help serve that area.

Talk to the Pedro Local SEO Team

If your business is looking to improve it’s local visibility or you just want to find out more about local SEO, call us on 0113 4510237 or email Alternatively drop us a message on our contact form.