Once again Veganuary is here, with many people jumping on the vegan band wagon. The plant-based diet has become trendier and more accessible in recent years with the first month of the year dedicated to trying this diet out. With the growing popularity of veganism and the interest it has sparked due to the economic and environmental factors of consuming meat in particular, a marketing opportunity has arisen.

To help join in the hype around Veganuary, internal and external agency work can prove a success. You can use social media to show how everyone at the office is embracing the month of no meat or animal product consumption. Hold a cooking competition or a challenge to see who in the office can last the longest, this personal touch will help you appeal to your audience in an empathetic way, while being trendy and current at the same time.

From an external perspective, marketing around the impact of Veganuary and sharing why you think it’s important and its benefits can help you be a leader of information. People who follow you might be curious about trying this plant-based diet out and reading and seeing your work might give them a push in the right direction. Using your social media to share your messaging is a great way to join the conversation about Veganuary and where you stand on veganism as a whole. This is a popular topic and lifestyle trend that will only grow in popularity, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Social media has helped spread the message of veganism, with the infamous Greggs vegan sausage roll taking the media by storm in 2019. Now the food market is saturated with vegan products and vegan food campaigns, something we never saw a few years ago. The diet is routinely discussed in the news and the vegan lobby is stronger than ever.

£740m of meat free foods were sold in 2018, proving the popularity of veganism and the trend of trying something new at the start of the year. The Vegan Society published that 87% of participants who took part in Veganuary last year were female. This is a key demographic to target in your campaign messaging and a niche area to look into, why do women seem to care more about animals and the environment? Traditional and outdated stereotypes further indicate that women are in charge of the food shop due to them being the ones always cooking. Veganuary can be done by families not just individuals, an important factor to consider when marketing for Veganuary.

As a result of Veganuary, there are now high profile launches from supermarkets about ‘vegan friendly’ ranges, popular meat free brand Linda McCartney just announced new additions to their vegan range and we are only six days into 2020. However, it isn’t only supermarkets hyped up with the vegan trend; cafes, restaurants and fast food places are all trying to get a piece of the vegan market, curating products to attract a new wave of consumers.

Providing insightful campaigns or even compilations of where to buy the latest vegan food can help you be a part of the vegan trend and give yourself some exposure to wider audiences who are interested in veganism, along with engaging with your current audience members.

With all of this information, recipe’s and products easily accessible, the two questions we put to you are; will you go vegan for January 2020?  And how will you market for Veganuary?




Vegan Food Launches for January 2020