How to Market During the Christmas Period

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s important to take advantage of this time of year and show off your marketing skills to generate as much business as you can. Our marketing experts have compiled a list with some helpful tips to help you take advantage of the festive period. 

Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Christmas

Whilst this might sound contradictory, it’s important not to get too caught up on christmas and only produce festive content. Christmas is a great time to market but beyond Christmas day it ends. However, December is a great time to reflect on business and company performance, while sharing hopes and plans for the upcoming year.

Focusing on how to make the most of out of the small amount of time left in the year can really help drive home the desire to meet any outstanding targets.  Additionally, it’s a great time to look back at where you have gone wrong this year and really assess how certain things could have been handled better. Looking back at these errors is a great way to then set targets on how you can perform better next year and find yourself in an even better position this time next year.

Start Christmas Early

The closer we get to Christmas; we often see a drop in traffic and it can be advantageous to start approaching Christmas-themed ideas as soon as November hits.  Of course, every year there are always people doing a lot of last-minute shopping and sorting things out before the Christmas break so there is still an advantage to running the content consistently throughout the season.  Despite this, most people and businesses will be well prepared and looking to get a head start. To really take advantage of the season for your business get started on using festive content as early as you can to drive up your business.

Christmas Budget Adjustments

It’s important to maintain your budget throughout the year, including over the Christmas period. However, it is a good idea to allow yourself some extra room in the budget for the holiday season. Don’t wait until it’s too late to use the early spikes in search volume to create a bit of buzz for Black Friday and Christmas. You don’t have to go overboard, going off your set budget in order to have success, but planning ahead and deciding where to put your money to drum up business is something you should consider doing. A good way to make sure that you time these adverts right is to do your research and make use of scheduling ad features, to make sure they launch at optimal times. Planning and time is everything.

Make the Most of SEO

In marketing, making the most of SEO is one of the best ways to drum up business all year round.  With the spikes in traffic in the run up to Christmas, it is important to really make use of this and bring in that extra bit of business to help end your year on a high.  To do well with SEO throughout the year largely depends on how well your site performs. When it comes to the festive season this remains important, but an array of other factors can also help your optimisation.  With so many buyers and businesses looking to get things done in a small space of time, there is an extra desire for sites that perform at high speeds. Having an easy user interface for customers to be able to navigate your site will ensure they like using your site.  When you keep your customers happy and they like your site then search engines will like it too.  

Having a fast running site will all be for nothing if you aren’t making sure that optimised landing pages are getting plenty of traffic.  If you don’t manage your crawl budget efficiently, certain parts of your site might not get visited for months which is going to hinder your ability to stand out.  Furthermore, another way to take advantage of SEO is to make sure you make the most of your titles and meta descriptions ensuring they stand out and where appropriate adding Christmas related content to pull people to the site.  The titles and meta descriptions should be simple whilst creating a real drive to bring customers to your site. Making use of non-direct SEO factors such as making the most of social networks like Facebook to reach out to wider audiences will play an important role in helping to bring in further traffic.  Ensuring that you make use of all the contributing factors will help you utilise SEO to bring in that extra bit of business over the festive season.


Influencers are continuing to become a well-utilised tool in marketing and can be a real boost in bringing in Christmas business.  Influencers can make use of social media to generate a large audience which can be used to help market for your business. With the festive season being such a competitive time to bring in new customers, making use of an influencer’s already established audience can bring in that additional boost to your business.  Being sure to use festive images or even doing Christmas related videos will really help your product stand out from your competitors.  

With the festive season being so competitive it’s important to try and utilise any extra ways to stand out.  Keeping in mind some of these helpful tips will really help give you a boost when executed effectively. Looking beyond these tips the best way to make sure you are fully reaching your potential is to come up with a good marketing strategy early and implement it across the season. 

We hope you find these tips useful, have a Merry Christmas!