Google has announced an update this week (3rd June 2019) to it’s Rich Results Testing Tool which means you can now to run separate tests for both desktop and mobile. Google say this update will help with assisting website owners when preparing for mobile first indexing.

One of Googles key requirements for a website being mobile first ready is the correct use of structured data on a website, so it’s not a surprise to see this update released on the tool. Essentially, it means you can check if your structured data is consistent on both desktop and mobile versions of your sites. This is particularly relevant if you have separate desktop and mobile sites. The design and layout of the mobile page might not support the structured data you have. Even on responsive websites, there can sometimes be issues, so this tool will help to check if there any differences VS desktop.

Take a look for yourself at the updates here >

How To Use The Rich Snippet Testing Tool?

1. Navigate to

2. Select Desktop or Smartphone as user agent (check one each)

3. Hit Test URL

4. This will bring back a result page which will tell if the page is eligible for rich snippet results

5. A list of detected structured data items will be shown

6. Repeat the process from step 2 depending if you started on mobile or desktop ensuring the detected structured data items match

7. Any structured data items which do not match will then need to be investigated further