Welcome to the second part of our local SEO series, this posts focuses on what tools you can use to get the most out of your local strategy in 2019. Based on our own experiences and research, we have identified the 19 best tools to help streamline, track and organise your local SEO efforts. We have provided both free and paid for options depending on the size of budget you have.

1. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

A useful listing tool that is worth investing in with its basic local listing management tools and more premier features, such as tools to help advise you where to list your business to improve your SEO ranking. Other additional features include the ability to collect customer feedback and revis. The cheapest package starts at $16.67 a month, but a more spec package would cost $100 a month.

2. SEO Profiler

A powerful SEO tool choice with features including a website audit tool, page optimisation, a tool to identify bad backlinks, ability to identify string keywords and much more! However, this tool is pricey with initial prices starting at $49.95 a month and going up to $999.99 a month depending on feature access.

3. Moz Local

A basic tool to help manage listings local to you and help you verify submissions. The tool will help push your listing to make it visible and will scan through your citations to identify any possible errors which could be hurting your SEO. It also provides you with what categories you are listed under and what media is the best to use for your citations and is $84 a year.

4. SEOPressor

This scores the strength of your SEO across your entire site, providing guidance on how to improve and offering recommendations too. It also offers an extremely useful audit feature that notifies you of any pages that need to be optimised. This is also a free service tool.

5. BrightLocal

A collection of tools that range from $19.99 a month. The tools include the ability to compare competitor rankings on three major search engines and find out where your competitors are listed.

6. Synup

This is extremely useful for when you are submitting NAP information to local directories. It offers ease to manage your local listings and analyse them, correcting any data. however, it does cost $25 a month.

7. Yext

This is similar to Synup, offering monitoring, analytics and managing local listings. It is one of the few tools that automate local listings, allowing you to populate data correctly and update your NAP information in real time.

8. Local SEO Checklist

Offers 40 different options that detail specific tasks to help optimise your site and increase your ranking, it’s also free too!

9. BuzzStream

Helps you earn local backlinks and helps you identify and build relationships with local influencers to help drive word of mouth, boosting local awareness. It has four plans available to choose from, a basic plan is $24 whereas a customised one can cost up to $999.00 a month.

10. Screaming Frog

A free SEO tool that helps to audit and index your websites HTML and metadata, whilst also finding any broken links that might hurt your SEO ranking. There re advance features but these cost.

11. Serplify

A web based software that helps achieve a page one ranking on Google results by adding domains and locations you want to rank for and optimising thousands of necessary pages, creating keyword content, mass indexing and syndicating your content.

12. Schema Creator

This tool allows you to build schema.org microdata, allowing search engines to identify and index your site’s content, making it more likely for your content to show up on relevant searches.

13. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

An ideal tool for strengthening your local SEO keywords. You can identify traffic for specific keywords and find new local keywords based on local searches. This free tool allows you to conduct research on regions too, making it a useful SEO tool.

14. Upciy Free Website Analyzer

Simply submit your website for review and everything will be analysed, giving you a score out of 100 that compares you to your competitors and it is free.

15. Ahrefs

This software can provide a detailed backlink profile any website of your choice. This allows you to see who is linking to your site such as the anchor texts and how strong your back link work and check competitor strengths. A cheap plan will cost you $99 and a more detailed plan will be $999 a month.

16. Review Trackers

This helps you track the customer reviews of you business. It will help you understand your brand’s reputation and awareness after collecting online reviews and feedback.

17. CopyScape

This helps you avoid plagiarism and duplicated work of any kind and is a free tool to use.

18. PageSpeed Insights

This tool helps rate and check the loading of your webpages, which have a huge impact on your local SEO rankings. This free service will review your load times of your site and also make suggestions on how to improve it.

19. LSIGraph

This provides users with better personalised keywords that rank the highest. It comes in 45 different languages and can make searches based on more than 100,000 locations.