With Google now primarily crawling from a mobile first perspective, it’s important your site meets the best practices needed for mobile SEO otherwise you could fall behind competitors. Talk to Pedro today, email hello@pedro.agency or call 0113 4510237.

Firstly What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is making sure your site meets the best practices in terms of website optimisation for users of smartphones and tablets. Additionally it means making sure your site and it’s resources accessible mobile search engine spiders.

Why is Mobile SEO Important?

The number of people using their mobile for search is growing rapidly all the time and over the last few years search engines have noticed this. In particular the most popular search engine Google which since 2018 now primarily crawls from a  mobile first index. Other major search engines such as Bing are likely to follow suit in the future.

What Does Mobile first mean?

It means Google now is primarily focusing it’s attention on mobile search and has tweaked it’s algorithm to reflect this. Essentially it means all the ranking signals which were previously being utilised for a desktop version of a page are now instead being looked at from a purely mobile perspective.

Start Optimising for Mobile SEO

Mobile is the most popular form of device to access the internet. The majority of users will begin there customer journey on mobile and use it to influence their final buying decision. If your not optimised for mobile, your potentially going to start losing or missing out on key traffic.

Our Mobile SEO Optimisation Expertise

One of the major parts of our SEO service expertise is with mobile. We have invested large amounts of time over the last few years to understand how the algorithm was going change with mobile first impending. Our mobile SEO service covers broadly the following.

Mobile First Auditing

In order to evaluate and understand your mobile performance, our team of technical SEO experts audit from a mobile perspective to see where the sites struggles and positives are to provide a clear actionable plan going forward. Our mobile auditing process is closely aligned to the best practices from the Google Guidelines.

Mobile Device Keyword Research

Depending on the device, users search differently. For example, on mobile users will tend to search more re-actively or in micro moments – ‘I want to buy’, ‘I want to buy’ etc. We look at these differences and make recommendations to adapt your content to help conqueror.

Mobile & Voice Search

Following on from mobile keyword research closely, voice search plays a massively important part. If your site is start to optimise for micro-moments or reactive searches, your more likely to be found through voice search. As part of voice search optimisation for Smartphone, we look at how best to incorporate website content into featured snippets. This search result feature is key to picking up voice search answers.

Mobile UX & Site Speed

Mobile user experience is key to being successful in mobile search with a fast and efficient site which satisfies the users needs. One of the key factors is mobile site speed, since 2018 this now forms part of the algorithm for Google when determining a sites performance. We have provide a comprehensive mobile site speed audit as part of our UX analysis.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the open source initiative which makes it easier for publishers to provide mobile friendly content. While this isn’t critical for non-publisher sites for mobile SEO, it’s an advantage over your competitors to have AMP ready content on news or blog pages. It’s likely that AMP is the future for presenting all types of content in the search results, so it’s important to start considering this for your site now.

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