Grow your SEO presence

Pedro believes presence is not about how many keywords your ranking for but the difference your website and visibility is making to your bottom line. All digital activity should be quantifiable, justifiable and deliver real results. At Pedro we focus on your business objectives, working transparently with our clients, no hiding, no science, just real world results.


Adopt a ‘Testing’ Methodology

Pedro adopts a structured approach to digital marketing, we use insight to define the direction, a testing methodology to implement campaign iterations and then tools to measure the impact on your presence. This means we can evolve and adapt quickly to changes in search engine algorithms. All activity is shared with our clients, including the good, and the bad, providing a refreshing change and peace of mind to our clients.

Focus On Conversions

Great keyword positions are nothing without conversions and our campaigns do not begin and end with getting you to the top three. We’re fascinated by the journey a user takes from search, to results to their destination. We put conversion at the beginning of the process this means the marketing is aligned to delivering quality traffic.