Over the years, podcasts have become increasingly popular. People can put their headphones on and listen to a podcast based on movies, music, comedy and more, depending on what they are interested in. Of course, a lot of these podcasts are monetised and the more popular they are, the more money is made.

With advertisers fighting for the sponsorship of some of the most popular podcasts, we wonder what SEO optimisation within this kind of content looks like. Find out about podcasts and SEO below as we explore this topic below.

Why Is Podcast SEO Important?

If you are not already familiar with why podcast SEO is important then you should know that this is a recent development based on an announcement from Google. SEO optimisation is something which is constantly changing and it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Google are considering adding podcasts to the search results. With the addition of podcasts to search results, the need for SEO appears. This kind of content is interesting and it is extremely popular, meaning that SEO experts need to take note.



Tips For Podcast SEO Optimisation

Podcast SEO optimisation might be useful – but how does this work? How do you structure an episode to meet SEO guidelines? This can be very tricky and so we have put together some tips to help you figure it out and get to work.

● Firstly, it might be useful to have a site to base your podcast on. Of course, you already know the importance of SEO on a site and this can have a positive impact on your podcast SEO optimisation at the same time.

● Other things to consider include the episode title and the keywords that you are using when describing your podcast online. What about adding in the transcript for the episode? This can have a positive effect if you use some buzz words in there that can boost your SEO.

● When looking at your podcast SEO, you might also want to think about including reviews for social proof as well as linking your podcast your social media accounts. This has been proven to impact Google rankings and so it might be something that you want to think about.

The Future

Many people do not consider the SEO guidelines when posting a new podcast episode, but this is set to be something which has a big impact in the future. You don’t want your podcast falling behind others due to a lack of SEO optimisation.

We expect podcast SEO optimisation to become an even hotter topic than it is right now. Of course, it is always better to get ahead with your SEO so it might be time to make the changes that you need right now. Follow the tips that we have given you and your podcast will be ready for Google. Hopefully, you will rank, and your podcast will not get lost amongst the competition.