Social media is ever changing every year, Here are our top social media predictions for 2019…

1. Video Content

Social media platforms have prioritised video content for a few years now and this is set to continue in 2019. Any decent mobile phone has a selection of filming options, so give it a go; just try to venture further than Instagram’s Boomerang function once in a while.

2. Live Streamed Content

Live in the moment! Live streamed content tends to perform well on Instagram and Facebook. This is perfect if you’re hosting an event but it’s not for the faint hearted. Remember we recommended planning only 80 per cent of your content? That gives you 20 per cent wiggle room for of-the-moment content, make the most of it!

3. More Customer Service

Customer service and sending the right message. One of the first announcements of 2019 was that Facebook Messenger, Whats App and Instagram’s messaging function are set to be combined to make for a streamlined customer experience, but how can messaging work for your business? Facebook offers the option of an automated messaging pop-up window which appears when people visit your page. This is a useful function to consider; social media is all about encouraging communication after all.

4. Engaging Your Colleagues

Engage your colleagues. Your workforce are the influencers of 2019! Encourage your staff to share your business’ social media updates and to advocate for your brand. It’s a good idea to have guidelines in place, and don’t make sharing compulsory; it’s better if this activity is authentic.