Instagram is a great app that many businesses are using more than Facebook now to target their customers. On top of posting images and videos on your Instagram feed, you can add content to your Instagram story which all of your followers can see. As time goes on, Instagram are adding more and more features to help make the Instagram stories more engaging for viewers. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the features that you can use to make a professional Instagram story. Keep reading to find out more.

Making The Story

If you have never made an Instagram story, then we are going to take you through some of the basic steps first. It is really easy to do, you just need to open Instagram, tap the left-hand corner and go from there. You can swipe up to add photos from your camera gallery or you can choose the camera option to take a new photo or video that you’d like to add. When you are ready to post, you should choose ‘Your Story’ or ‘Next’ in order to share this story with your followers.

Camera Options

Of course, Instagram have added a lot of features to make even capturing a photo or video a lot more interesting. You can live stream your story, use the superzoom feature or even create a boomerang which will record a short sequence and play it on loop. Other options for those who want to create impressive Instagram stories include the stop-motion feature, the hands-free feature and the rewind feature which will film a video in reverse. Make sure to take advantage of these features when capturing the content if you want to make your story look professional and engaging.


Another great thing about creating an Instagram story is that you can add some of the stickers that are available. There is a huge selection of stickers, some with words, some with emojis and others display the weather and much more. You can change the size of the stickers and add as many as you like to your story. Newer updates let you add polls and questions through your sticks which can help to encourage people to engage with your story.

Mentions and Hashtags

If stickers aren’t enough for you then you should think about adding some mentions and hashtags to your story. This works well if you are associated with another Instagram account or you’d like to alert them to your story. All you need to do is type ‘@’ and then the name of the account. You can also add some hashtags which will help your account become more discoverable. Think about relevant hashtags and add them on there.

Make sure to use all of the new features that Instagram add to the stories part of the app. You should always check back for updates as they are constantly adding new things!