Wayback Machine has added a new feature where you can compare the same URL on different dates to see how content on the page has changed.

Introduced to Beta last week, you can now see when content has changed or been deleted.

Follow our simple step to see for yourself:

1. Go to Wayback machine – https://archive.org/web/

2. Enter your URL and Search

3. Click on the changes button and this will bring back the content archives of your website

4. Select 2 dates on the calendar to make a comparison on how much the content has changed on the page over the 2 time periods. The colour scale seen below the calendars provides the indicator on how much of a change there has been, grey meaning there has been no change while blue indicates there has been large scale changes.

When will this be useful?

This is a great tool if you work in the SEO industry because it enables you to find out a number of things:

1. If rankings for an individual page have dropped, you can check to see if the content changing is a reason this has been effected

2. Track changes to any of your key pages

3. Investigating into new clients and providing interesting insights to back up performance changes

4. Understanding what has happened if you have seen a backlink drop off from a page

If you want to find out how to use Wayback Machine in more detail, our SEO team are always happy to have a chat, contact us today!