When you are a seller on Amazon, you need to remember that Amazon aims to give customers the results that they need. This is why they are constantly changing the way that they are presenting results to customers and the algorithms that they use. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are updating your products and that your SEO is in line with current trends. Here, we are going to tell you all about the Amazon SEO strategy and how to master Amazon SEO.

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How Do I Increase My Amazon Visibility?

In order to become more visible on Amazon, you need to work on your Amazon SEO optimisation. Some simple changes can make a huge difference overnight and you could be waking up to more sales than you expected. To become more visible, you need to think about the title of your product, the price of it and how many images you have along with it. Making these simple changes and considerations can make a huge difference and make you more visible overall. Of course, you will also need to consider the Amazon ranking system in order to really optimise your Amazon SEO. This is known as the A9 algorithm and it is a very important topic to address for anyone involved in selling on Amazon.

What Is Amazon A9 Algorithm?

If you have never heard of the A9 algorithm before then you should know that this is the algorithm that Amazon uses to rank your products when a customer searches a term. This algorithm uses keyword searches to present products in a clear way to buyers. This algorithm works differently to Google and so you will need to know more about how it works in order to make sure that your products are selling. Don’t follow Google SEO best practices or else you aren’t going to get the results that you need. This algorithm is changing regularly and so it is best to keep yourself up to date with what works and what doesn’t. A simple search of relevant keywords will present you with your competitors and you can figure out what is working for them.


How Does Amazon’s Search Algorithm Work?

The Amazon listing optimization system works using three main points. These are conversions, relevance and visibility. You need to make sure that your customers are able to see your products and that you are optimising for this carefully. A9 uses ranking factors that include the product, the performance and the anecdotal factors. In order to rank your product on the list, you need to include important elements in the title of the product. A9 likes to look for things like the colour, the size, the brand, the product line and the product type. They also look for a key feature and the quantity of the product. Once you know that Amazon looks for these things, you can see how it works and how you can really master this practice.

How To Master Amazon SEO

So, how do you master Amazon SEO? Well, as we have already stated, you will need to consider the title of your product. Have you mentioned everything that we listed previously?

Your Product Title

If you haven’t then you need to make the changes to your title while keeping it readable by potential customers. Don’t add too much or else you are going to have your potential buyers skim past your product because it is too confusing.

Product Features & Benefits

Another thing to consider when mastering Amazon SEO is the bullets on your product. These won’t directly improve your ranking, but they will improve your SERP and help you to make those important conversions. Try to understand the difference between product benefits and product features. Amazon will index your product according to works in your bullets so don’t ignore this important step.

Product Descriptions

Another way to master the SEO on Amazon product listings is by adding descriptions that tell a story. Why not add in a call to action or add something about your brand? You can add so many keywords here that will make you more visible and it can make a huge difference. Here, you can also use backend search terms in order to make this work more effectively.


Strategies To Test


Test Your Product Titles & Descriptions

While editing your product descriptions and titles on Amazon can have a direct impact on success, there are some other performance optimization strategies to consider. Think about the impact of sales on your product – the more sales you have the more you appear. Spiking your sales will help you to beat the competition and improve your ranking.

Product Reviews

You should also try to focus on product reviews if you want to master Amazon product SEO. We all know that our customers rely on the social proof from previous customers in order to make that final conversion. Fake reviews aren’t going to cut it in 2019 – you need to get some real reviews so encourage this when anyone buys your product. 

Seller & Brand Names

Some other things to try when working on your optimization include adding the seller name, the brand names and filling out the fields that you normally ignore. Algorithms change so often that it can be hard to keep up. It is often about trial and error so if you can make some changes and track your progress you can figure out what works best for you.

Final Verdict

Every Amazon seller dreams of making to the top of the search results but it is often easier for some rather than others. If you are interested in increasing your Amazon SEO then you should follow the advice that we have given you here in this article.

Try to keep up with the latest best practices and check for any updates to the Amazon A9 algorithm. This way, you can give your products the boost that they need to sell even more than you expected.

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